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Our Story

A collective of audio-centric engineers, designers, producers and programmers based out of the Los Angeles area Metaphonic Sound specializes in all things audio related. Whether it’s production, consultation, mixing, programming, or editorial, you’ve come to the right place. We offer consultation, design, editorial, mixing, and production services for just about everything related to audio. If we can’t help you with what you’re looking for we have plenty of resources to help steer your project in the right direction. We were established to assist your technical and creative goals and we work with you to achieve this.

Timely Support

We ensure timely support and quick response to any need. We are aware that in today’s market timely support is essential to the prosperity of any business. We ensure that our services will meet any deadline on time and under budget.

Creative Ideas

We started as a concept in mid 2000 and have been at the forefront of creative design since. We specialize in the entertainment industry, but have assisted those in legal, medical and technical fields. We have the talent to assist or develop ideas you may have in any venture you seek.

Advanced Technology

We pride ourselves in providing technical support, engineering, consultation and training to properly assist you with the rapidly changing trends of the industry. We have the insight, knowledge and understanding of today’s modern post production environment and the tools needed to support this.

Clear Communication

Having vast knowledge over the industry and it’s current practices helps us better communicate and deliver quality services to you. We do so by listening to your requests then collaborating with you to achieve them. Whether your project is big or small the team here is eager to assist.

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